Workshops for Environmental Educators

ACEE continues to support those that provide environmental education across Alberta. Below are all the workshops and webinars we'll be delivering this year (see each workshop for a description and tentative schedule). We will be working with the regional network coordinators to finalize dates as soon as possible. The content for these workshops is based on the agency needs assessment conducted in July 2017 and 2018 and our past work with agencies through workshops and Communities of Practice. We are currently working on our plans for 2020. For any questions regarding workshops for education providers please contact Kathy Worobec - kathy[at]

Upcoming offerings

  • March 4th - 3:30 to 5:00pm - Join us to touch on how we need to ‘give our students a better future’, review and discuss how we provide better climate change education followed by time for environmental educators and teachers to meet and discuss challenges or questions regarding environmental education topics.

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Workshop topics that we deliver

Workshop resources from previous sessions