Youth Reports & Initiatives

Recommendations by Students for Alberta's Educational Leadership

In 2016, we worked with over 3000 Alberta students, who made powerful recommendations on how Alberta schools could take the next step towards environmental sustainability through infrastructure improvements, teacher professional learning, and student learning, through the lens of climate leadership. In 2020, the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education updated the document, reflecting on what has been achieved since 2016 and where improvements are still needed.The updated paper provides recommendations on curriculum and student applications, school infrastructure, teacher professional development, and transportation. 

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2021 Youth Led Environmental Education Poll

The 2021 Youth Led Environmental Education Poll, conducted and created by the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education (AYLEE) - a network of youth across Alberta in grades 7-12 - aimed to bring youth voices to the forefront on their perspectives on environmental education. The poll received a total of 318 responses and expressed a widespread concern from youth living in Alberta for the impacts of anthropogenic climate change on their future without environmental education. Over 80% of youth who were polled believed that there should be more environmental education, with 49% stating that there should be much more.

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2020 Youth Polling

In 2020, we worked with Leger to explore youth knowledge and attitudes in relation to environment, energy, and climate. Leger conducted polling through on-line surveys of 500 Alberta youth (ages 15 to 24) in February 2020. What they found is very disturbing: the majority of youth in Alberta are concerned about climate change but feel like they lack the knowledge and power to do something about it.


Additional Polls:


Polling results of Alberta youth 2010
Polling results of Alberta adults 2009

Please note that our 2020 polling was designed to track long-term changes over a decade, through a comparison to our 2010 polling results.       


Youth Focus Groups and Narratives Report 

The document entitled ‘Youth Narrative and Voice; principles for effective climate, energy, and environmental education in Alberta’ was prepared by Alberta-based staff of the non-governmental organization Climate Outreach, on contract to the Alberta Council for Environmental Education, using focus groups to capture youth’s thoughts and feelings. The 33 page report…

  • Summarizes key findings from workshops with urban and rural Alberta students and teachers (pp. 8-10)
  • Suggests successful narratives that educators can use to reassure and motivate younger or older students (pp. 15-16)
  • Is full of heartfelt and moving quotes by youth as they discuss what they want to learn about (pp. 19-22), and talk about their future (pp. 23-28)
  • Is informed by focus group results, our 2020 polling of 500 Alberta youth, and a 2020 literature review
  • Suggests ten education principles that we’ve used to create our Roadmap to excellent climate change education.

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Brighter Futures: Youth Visions for Environmental Education in 2030

During the Summer of 2020, five Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education collaborated virtually with artist Hannah Gelderman to create the following video showcasing their vision for environmental education in 2030. Drawing on the recommendations put forward in their 2020 paper, the video presents what a day in the life of students could look like in 2030 if education leaders collaborate with students to implement initiatives that advance environmental, energy, and climate change education.