To launch our work to Support School Boards, in November 2018 we convened over 165 education and thought leaders in a full-day session; participants included Education Minister David Eggen, and superintendent and trustees representing an amazing 44 different school authorities from across the province!  Participants also included Indigenous leaders, student leaders and teachers, as well as representatives of government, non-government organizations (NGOs), and industry.  

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education knows that to create a sustainable future, we must think big and collaborate with groups who are working towards our goals both locally and globally. At ACEE, we recognize the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations in addressing global challenges.

We invite teachers and other educators from around Western Canada to recharge their classrooms, their programs and themselves with this indoor-outdoor education conference, May 23-25th. What could be better than springtime in the Rockies?
ACEE continues to support environment and energy education providers by offering workshops across Alberta and webinars. Check out the upcoming workshops and the plan for the upcoming year for a variety of workshops and webinars.

ACEE kicked off the Energy Revealed Program with our teacher workshop on October 26. Eighteen teachers gathered to find out more about the Energy Revealed Program.