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Teaching about environmental sustainability has never been more important as we increasingly feel the effects of an unsustainable human footprint on the planet’s systems.

Can teachers weave more environmental and sustainability education into their everyday practice while delivering on the current curriculum? The answer is a resounding YES! ACEE is committed to supporting teachers across Alberta by developing curriculum links between climate, sustainability, and our environment to the AB Programs of Study.

Curriculum Links to Sustainability Education and Action

Explore how the current curriculum already connects with the following sustainability themes –  ature and place, Indigenous perspectives, Climate Change and Solutions, Municipal environmental and climate action plans and strategies (general framework coming soon) 

We have made links for the following grades and subjects: 

Curriculum for a Sustainable Future

The Curriculum for a Sustainable Future is a guidebook on what students need to learn to be environmentally, energy and climate literate. It outlines key concepts and student learning outcomes in relation to subjects such as science, social studies and wellness to assist Alberta’s curriculum developers as they update Alberta’s curriculum for all grades and subjects.  

Curriculum for Indigenous Ways of Knowing

ACEE is committed to realizing the TRC’s Calls to Action and supporting educators to achieve Teaching Quality Standard 5. ACEE has previously worked with Indigenous advisory groups and Indigenous consultants and will continue to work with Indigenous communities when creating content.  

FAQ Curriculum Support

What Kind of Curriculum Support is available?

ACEE staff support curriculum development in Alberta by advocating for environmental, energy, and climate change education in all core subject areas. It also provides resources, training, and support for teachers and educators to help them integrate these concepts into their teaching practices. 

What topics has ACEE presented on?

ACEE has presented to educators and environmental sector professionals on topics such as Reconciliation and Sustainability, the Environmental Education 101 series (Numeracy, Social Studies, Science, and Literacy), Social Justice and Sustainability, and Designing for Sustainability.  

How Can I request Support?

Contact our team to book a free one-on-one consultation, workshop, or presentation for yourself or a group of educators at your schools. 

How can we support?

Our staff are well-versed to support you in developing an interdisciplinary inquiry-based approach to environmental education.

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