Green Careers Initiative:
Connecting classrooms to professionals


ACEE is proud to announce our Green Careers Initiative is now underway!  Our program Connecting Classrooms to Professionals will partner green industry volunteers with youth for in class presentations and mentorship. In connecting classrooms with our volunteers we hope to inform students about what opportunities are currently available, and give new perspectives on what having a green career could mean! Our Green Careers Initiative aims to inspire students to strive for a green, sustainable and lucrative future

ACEE is currently seeking Teachers and Professionals able to volunteer for the first year of our program! If you are interested in participating please fill out forms to be added to our list of classrooms and volunteers. If you have further questions or would like to chat about the program please contact program coordinator Kip Monaghan at [email protected] 

Be part of our Green Career Initiative in 2024!

Contact us today to be part of this exciting new program!


Grades 9 - 12

1 hour sessions

Programming to start the end of February!

Contact us if you have questions or comments about our Green Career Initiative
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