About ACEE

Our Story

At ACEE, our story begins with a passion for environmental education in Alberta. Founded in 2005, we have grown to become a trusted resource for advancing environmental literacy and stewardship across the province. Our collaborative approach engages educators, partners, and communities to drive systems change and support the next generation of environmental stewards. We are committed to empowering Alberta’s youth, providing innovative solutions for sustainability, and championing environmental education through advocacy and outreach. Our mission to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all Albertans is at the heart of everything we do.


Our Vision

Alberta is a leader in environmental education, resulting in an environmentally literate province where all Albertans are responsible for stewarding a healthy and sustainable future. 

Our Mission

To drive systems change, engage partners, and support educators and youth so we can bring quality environmental education to all of Alberta’s students. We strive to advance environmental learning for all Albertans. 

Our Strategy

Our work is based on more than two decades of research about what motivates individuals, organizations, and communities to learn, act, and create positive social change. It is also based on the latest thinking about what makes non-profit organizations most effective, and how to collaboratively scale up our collective impact. Our Strategic Plan outlines an ambitious strategy to advance our goals over the next three years.  

As we make progress toward building a just and inclusive movement, we recognize that new ideas, people, and issues will impact the way we approach our work and shape this strategy over time. We are committed to being flexible and understanding that there are many approaches to solving the environmental and social we face. What we consider today will continue to evolve in the coming years. 

Our Impact

At ACEE is measured not only by the number of students and educators reached but also by the positive changes we inspire in our communities. By advancing environmental education in Alberta, we empower the next generation of environmental stewards, helping to build a more sustainable and equitable future. We collaborate with partners and stakeholders to drive systems change, and our advocacy efforts are aimed at creating a supportive policy environment. Our impact is felt through the growth of environmental literacy and the increased engagement of citizens in environmental issues, leading to more sustainable and resilient communities.

Our Team

Kathryn Melrose

Executive Director

Kathryn Melrose joined the Alberta Council for Environmental Education in 2022 as the Executive Director

Dixie Taylor

Director of Programs

Dixie Taylor is ACEE’s Director of Programs. Equipped with B.A. and M.A. in Community Development

Sandra Robinson

Operations Manager

Sandra brings over 15 years of administrative and data management experience in the non-profit sector

Sneha Jigo-Rose

Youth Facilitator

Nicole Chang

Environmental Education and Engagement Coordinator (North)

As the Environmental Education and Engagement Coordinator for Northern Alberta, Nicole joined ACEE with formal education and field work experience. 

Amy Thompson

Environmental Education and Engagement Coordinator (South)

As the Environmental Education and Engagement Coordinator for Southern Alberta, Amy joined ACEE with over a decade of informal education experience.

Board of Directors

Brian Callaghan


Brian Callaghan is the chair of ACEE. Prior to joining the ACEE Board Brian was a governance consultant with the Public School Boards Association of Alberta

Dr. Jim Sandercock


DrJim Sandercock is the ViceChair of ACEE, as well as the inaugural Chair of the Alternative Energy diploma program at NAIT. 

Tom Gee 


Tom Gee is the Treasurer at ACEE. Prior to joining ACEE’s board, he was an assurance partner with an international public accounting firm

Tanya Doran

Past Chair 

Melissa Easton

Board Member 

Tim Weis

 Board Member 

Lesley Margetakm

Board Member 

David Kleiman

Board Member 

Our partners

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