EcoSchools Canada in Alberta

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Upcoming Events

Updated October 20, 2021

Fall into EcoSchools Drop-in Sessions

Stop by for as long as your schedule allows in these drop-in sessions to learn how your school can get involved in climate solutions and get recognized as an EcoSchool! No need to register for these sessions, just join our program managers on zoom. 

Need Help?

Our program managers are always available for one-on-one meetings to answer your questions and explain how we can support your EcoSchool journey.

  • From a Capital Region School, or located in Northern Alberta? Schedule a meeting with Melanie Hoffman.
  • From a Calgary School, or located in Central or Southern Alberta? Schedule a meeting with Susan McKeague.
  • Interested in the French program for ÉcoÉcoles? Schedule a meeting with Marie Tremblay.

Join the Movement!

October 7, 2021

The 2021- 2022 EcoSchools Canada program has launched! Check out the list of over 45 EcoSchools actions and register your school . Stay in touch with EcoSchools in Alberta by signing up for our monthly newsletter featuring updates, events, resources, and tips!  Scroll on to learn more about this exciting program.

Meet the EcoSchools Canada in Alberta Team

August 16, 2021

We are very excited to get started with the 2021-22 EcoSchools year! ACEE has a team dedicated to supporting EcoSchools​ in Alberta. 

Have questions for the team? Want to know more about the EcoSchools Canada in Alberta program? Visit the Contact Us page.

The EcoSchools Canada in Alberta team is here to help you: Connect with local environmental education programs to support your EcoSchools Actions, Increase your knowledge about climate solutions across the curriculum, Share with and learn from other teachers in Alberta, Meet Alberta curriculum goals, incorporate indigenous perspectives, and connect to local and global climate strategies.

Planning Resources​

Updated October 18, 2021

There are lots of resources available to help you make your EcoSchools plan. Start with EcoSchools Canada's Suggested Plan Pathways, then explore the other resources below. 

  • Want to know what the EcoSchool actions are like? View the list of EcoSchools actions. You must register on the EcoSchools Canada platform to see the full description, action guide, and resources for ech action
  • Does your school already have sustainability initiatives, or participate in another program? Explore the EcoSchools Sustainability Review, which can help you match the activities you already do to the EcoSchools action that will give you credit for them.
  • Check out our K-9 curriculum links to find ways to integrate sustainability actions to the current Alberta curriculum. 
  • Third party resources and programs can help you complete your EcoSchools actions. See our list of local resources, organized by theme and EcoSchools action.
  • Concerned about managing EcoSchools actions during COVID? Many actions can be done in a virtual class just as well as in a physical classroom. Additionally, EcoSchools Canada has COVD tips for each of the 40 actions in the 2020 - 2021 action library.

Become an EcoSchool!

To learn more about how to join EcoSchools' growing community in Alberta, click here

Our Partners and Supporters

We are grateful to our delivery partners and funders for helping us bring EcoSchools Canada to Alberta and making it relevant to our communities.  

We invite other organizations to support this important work -  please contact Senior Education Advisor Marie Tremblay at: marie [at] to discuss.