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The EcoSchools certification application closed on May 20. EcoSchools Canada will notify you of your Certification level by June 17. Find celebration materials, including certificates for students, on the EcoSchools Canada website.

Upcoming Events

Alberta-wide Opportunities

Mayor’s Environment Expo: May 30 - June 3 -All Alberta schools are invited to take part in the virtual sessions of Calgary's Mayor's Environment Expo - Learn more and register. 

Calgary Opportunities

Mayor's Environment Expo: Calgary EcoSchools Certification Announcement: Join Mayor Gondek at the virtual opening ceremony May 30 from 9:30-10:15, during which Calgary EcoSchools certifications will be announced. Learn more and register.

June Workshop Series: Join us for in-person workshops in June to learn about the EcoSchools Program and plan for next year. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Capital Region Opportunities

Capital Region EcoSchools Pilot Year Celebration: EcoSchools Canada will announce Certifications by June 17, and we want to celebrate YOU! What would you and your students appreciate? Let us know here.

What is EcoSchools?

EcoSchools Canada is a certification program for K-12 schools that nurtures environmental learning and climate action, available for free to all publicly funded Alberta Schools. Classrooms, environmental clubs, or entire school populations work together to complete EcoSchools actions and earn points on the EcoSchools Canada online app, which helps you measure and record your environmental impact. Earn enough points during the year and your school will be awarded with bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level certification. To learn more, visit our FAQ or registration guide.

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Could you use some real person support?

Our program managers are always available for one-on-one meetings to answer your questions and explain how we can support your EcoSchool journey.

Our Partners and Supporters

We are grateful to our delivery partners and funders for helping us bring EcoSchools Canada to Alberta and making it relevant to our communities.  

We invite other organizations to support this important work -  please contact Senior Education Advisor Marie Tremblay at: marie [at] to discuss.