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Updates (July 8, 2021):

  • NEW! Virutal information sessions for environmental education providers to learn how to profile your programs! Register for July 15, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. or July 20, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. 
  • EcoSchools is coming to the greater Edmonton area in the fall!  Stay tuned as we update our website.  
  • NEW! EcoSchools June Calendar of Events with EcoSchools information sessions for the new school year.
  • NEW! Final 2020-2021 EcoNotes
  • NEW! School videos from the 2021 Mayor's Entertainment Expo
  • EcoSchools offers over 40 actions, each with its own action guide and resources.  All schools can access these by registering on EcoSchools' on-line platform. So register now and start exploring - there is no cost and no obligation! 

Announcing Calgary EcoSchools Certifications!

Please join us in congratulating the schools that achieved certification this year! Despite the difficult circumstances, these schools completed enough environmental actions to be recognized by EcoSchools Canada for their work.

EcoSchools Canada 2021 Platinum Seal EcoSchools 2021 Gold Seal 

EcoSchools Canada 2021 Bronze Seal

 EcoSchools 2021 Participant Seal

Collingwood School

Crescent Heights High School

Robert Thirsk High School


St. Damien School

Ron Southern School

 Highwood School 

Glamorgan School

Dr. J.K. Mulloy School

2021 Calgary EcoSchools Accomplishments

Together, Calgary EcoSchools completed 95 environmental actions. Collectively they accomplished these milestones:

3.2K hours of outdoor learning, 1.2K Earth Day/Week/Month participants, 734 environmental leaders, 582 trees planted, 1.9k kg waste diverted

Other accomplishments achieved in the Calgary EcoSchools pilot year include:

  • 64 teachers from 40 schools registered on the EcoSchools Canada online platform.
  • Working with our environmental education community, created a list of local resources and programs to support each of EcoSchools' 40 actions.
  • In partnership with the City of Calgary and close to a dozen environmental education partners, delivered a two-day symposium called Hand-in-hand: Working Together Toward a Sustainable Calgary featuring 12 environmental education workshops with a spotlight on Calgary-based environmental and climate initiatives. 340 participants attended, and 237 viewed recordings of the sessions. 

Upcoming Workshops

To help you start planning for next year, we’re offering two different information sessions throughout the month of June. See the full June calendar for dates and times.  To register, simply click on the session of your choice and fill out the quick registration form. 

Introduction to Calgary EcoSchools

Find out how you can engage students in environmental stewardship and climate action. Learn how to register your school, use the online platform, and explore 40 EcoSchools actions, each with its own action guide and resources. Remember, there is no obligation to complete actions, even after joining!

Optimising Your EcoSchools Experience

You made it through your first year with EcoSchools - now learn how to take it farther next year. Join this session to learn how to take full advantage of the program and learn from the successes of other EcoSchools.

New Resources​

An Invitation

Are you a Calgary-based teacher?  Would you and your students like to be involved in real-world, community-based climate action and environmental stewardship?

Ecoschools Canada is an environmental certification program that provides teachers with a framework to engage their students and entire school community in environmental and climate action projects. Schools earn points to achieve bronze, silver, gold or platinum level status - and most importantly, become active players in helping their community become more sustainable and resilient.   

The ACEE team is proud to be EcoSchools Canada's on-the-ground delivery partner for Alberta.  During the 2020-21 pilot year, we are offering ongoing support to Calgary-area schools.  Participation in EcoSchools is FREE for all publicly funded Calgary-area schools.  This year, it is also free for independent schools. 

What is EcoSchools Canada?

EcoSchools Canada is the largest environmental certification program for K-12 schools in Canada, currently reaching one million Canadian students annually.  EcoSchools Canada supports school communities as they:

  • Build environmental leadership and capacity for students, staff and communities
  • Mitigate climate change by improving operational efficiency of school buildings and behaviour change
  • Connect teachers to local tools and resources
  • Recognize achievements and excellence through robust reporting and a collective impact framework
  • Support Canada's commitment to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Why Should My School Join EcoSchools? 

Whether your school is a leader in environmental stewardship or you are just starting your journey, the EcoSchools Canada program offers many benefits:​

  • Explicit links to the Alberta curriculum
  • Focus on learning through action, sustainability, and global citizenship
  • Links to real-world action plans and strategies, from local to global
  • A step-by-step process for creating a flexible environmental action plan
  • 40 actions to choose from, each with an action guide and resources 
  • A user-friendly online platform that allows you to track your progress 
  • Opportunity to network, share, and celebrate at the Mayor's Environmental Expo
  • Instill hope in your students by focusing on solutions and careers of the future
  • Ongoing, on-the-ground, support for Calgary schools provided through ACEE
  • Free for all publicly-funded schools in Calgary (public, separate, francophone and charter).

EcoSchools Canada Comes to Calgary!

We are very excited to be bringing EcoSchools Canada to Alberta.  The focus for our 2020-21 pilot year is on Calgary schools.  This year, we aim to: 

  • Engage at least 25 schools, 100 teachers and 3000 students in the Calgary area
  • Create resources for teachers including curriculum links to sustainability education and action, EcoSchools actions, and the City of Calgary's climate action and environmental plans strategies 
  • Offer a variety of on-boarding and support opportunities to schools to help them achieve a minimum of bronze level certification
  • Provide opportunities for schools to network, exchange ideas, and learn from each other 
  • Provide opportunities for student leaders to mentor younger or less experienced students 
  • Create opportunities to better connect teachers and students to the vast array of Alberta-based environmental education resources and program 
  • Conduct a full evaluation of all aspects of the program so we can learn from this Year 1 pilot and make the program even better for future years 
  • Lay the groundwork and raise funds for expanding this program to other Alberta communities in 2021 

How Calgary EcoSchools Came to Be

In spring 2019, the Alberta Council for Environmental Education teamed up with the City of Calgary and Calgary's two major school districts to engage Calgary's school community in environmental stewardship and climate action that directly supports the city's newly adopted climate action plan and other environmental strategies.  Our main goals were to create a framework for collective action that fosters a common sense of purpose and civic pride and most importantly, help students feel hopeful for the future through purposeful action.  

Our journey has since led us to partner with EcoSchools Canada, an award-winning bilingual environmental certification program for schools that strives to nurture environmental leaders, reduce the ecological impact of schools, and build sustainable school communities.  We are excited about building a strong and vibrant EcoSchools community here in Alberta.  In this first-year pilot, we will be focusing our efforts on Calgary but aim to extend our reach to Edmonton and other parts of Alberta in the coming years.   

Information Sessions for Teachers: Recordings Now Available

To view a recording, simply click on the image.  

Elementary                                                                              Secondary


Become an EcoSchool!

To learn more about how to join EcoSchools' growing community in Calgary, click here

Our Partners and Supporters

We are grateful to our delivery partners, EcoSchools Canada and the City of Calgary, for helping us bring the EcoSchools program to Calgary and making it relevant to our community.  We also thank The Calgary Foundation, Royal Bank of Canada Foundation, Alberta Ecotrust, Energy Efficiency Alberta, and the City of Calgary for their financial support of this program. 

We invite other organizations to support this important work -  please contact Senior Education Advisor Marie Tremblay at: marie [at] to discuss.