Climate Change

Resources 4 Rethinking offers an online searchable database of lesson plans for all grades and subject areas. Check it out! 

The North American Association for Environmental Education has a resource bank on their website, featuring interesting articles, websites, and environmental literature. Check it out! 

See also COVID-19: Resources, Tips, and Support for a list of resources designed to keep learners of all ages interested and engaged in environmental education during the COVID-19 crisis, from hands-on activities and lesson plans to websites, virtual tours, and more.

CPAWS Northern Alberta chapter provides Edu-Kits containing resources,books, challenges, and games to get your classroom engaged in climate change action. A CPAWS representative can talk to your classroom about how conservation can combat climate change. Additional readings and resources can be found on this page, and students can track Alberta's increasing temperature through this interactive map. 

Beaverhill Bird Observatory offers curriculum aligned field trip programs and classroom outreach for Kindergarten-Grade 12. They are able to travel across Alberta, and are able to do so when multiple classrooms/schools are booked in the same area. Coordinate with fellow teachers and request Beaverhill to come to you! 

Keep Cool - Edmonton (Gr. 3-6): A Mission for Climate, Energy, & Transportation

Keep Cool - Calgary (Gr. 3-6): A Mission for Climate, Energy, & Transportation

H2Whoa! (Gr. 3-6): A Mission for Water

All programs are easy to use, you just need to play the videos! Includes weekly 60-90 minute lessons in the classroom combined with at-home superhero missions.

See also: Planet Protector Academy Home Edition for parents!


The Alberta Tomorrow simulator allows students to explore Alberta's resources and land in the past, and make predictions for the future. Students can create and test their own future based on their environmental and economic goals. There are also simulations about Alberta glaciers and climate change. With the Climate Change Module, students can make future scenarios with mild, medium or hot climate change profiles.

See 360 Ecoregion Virtual Tours for each ecoregion in Alberta.  Lesson plans for Adaptations and Species at Risk in Alberta are also available to be used with the ecoregion tours.

Teachers, students, and the public can sign up for free online on the website. 

Green Teacher sells books (including print and ebooks) on a variety of topics, with some available in French as well. They have a podcast and offer consulting services in Environmental Education and Outdoor Environmental Education. 

CPAWS provides classroom programs and guided hikes for students in Grades 2-12 through all seasons (including winter). All programming is connected to curriculum. Classroom programs are centered around action-projects so that students not only learn about key issues, but learn how to become changemakers. 

Elementary Programs - Take the Action Challenge, Species at Risk Investigation, Water Rangers, Stories in the Snow, Trees & Forests, Why Grasslands (Gr. 4), Climate Game Changers (Gr. 4-6), YYC’s Young Citizen Scientist Program

Junior High Programs- Take the Action Challenge, Discover Parks, Alberta's Winter Playground, Grizzly Bears Forever, Fresh Water Ecosystems Discovery (Gr. 8), Why Grasslands, YYC’s Young Citizen Scientist Program, Climate Game Changers

High School Programs - Take the Action Challenge, Climate Game Changers (Gr. 10-12), Grizzly Bears Forever (Gr. 10-12), Aquatic Field Studies (Bio 20 & 30), Biodiversity in Winter 


In-class programs for Calgary and Lethbridge cover bugs, wildlife, plants,  ecosystems, waste, climate, and energy. 

Alberta Environment & Parks provides activity books and lesson plans for all Grades and a variety of topics, including air quality, Alberta wildlife and fish, composting, and waste reduction.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry provides lesson plans and resources about agriculture in Alberta for all Grades. 

Nature Source is an education portal created by Alberta Parks that contains virtual experiences and curriculum-linked modules.